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Settings Switcher ToolBar


Easily switch to different Visual Studio settings when...
  • your laptop is docked, or when it's undocked and you're on the go.
  • giving a live presentation.
  • recording a how-to video.
  • working on open source software with different code formatting requirements.
  • an update to Visual Studio or a bad VS extension resets your desired settings.


  • New: Solution Settings Files. Whenever a solution is opened, if a settings file of the same name (Solution_Name.vssettings) exists next to the solution file (Solution_Name.sln), its settings are automatically applied.
  • Associates the current settings with the active solution. The associated settings will be applied automatically whenever the solution is opened. (Overrides the active Solution Settings File without modifying it.)
  • Provides a toolbar (shown above).
    • Selecting an item in the drop-down list immediately imports those settings into Visual Studio.
    • Export Current Settings Button.png Export Current Settings saves the current settings to a file.
    • Export Solution Settings Button.png New: Export Solution Settings saves the current settings to the active solution's settings file, or creates a new Solution Settings File and adds it to the solution.
    • Format Solution Button.png Format Solution formats all documents in the solution according to the current settings.
See the Documentation for details.


See the Issue Tracker for planned features.


This extension is based on a tip from Sara Ford's blog.

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